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Custom Order

Custom Order

SKU: 2014

Pick shape below,

Send in your board,


  • Description

    Product Description

    Got your own special board you’d like to use?

    Just pick the shape / model, (check the “what size” tab) then add to cart.

    Next Ship it off how ever you like (In our experience, USPS is usually the cheapest)

    How to ship?

    *If it’s just a deck and you don’t care about it getting scratched you can slap a shipping label right on it…

    OR here’s the official way of how you should do it…

    1. Find a box longer than the deck, it doesn’t need to be as wide, but close.
    2. Open the ends, and flatten the box so it’s just a big flattened tube. this usually makes it just wide enough…
    3. Put the board in, and fold the ends over keeping the box flat, then tape them so they stay folded over, the box should still be flattened with the board inside…




    Construction Details:

     *Start from used or broken skate decks.
      *All handplanes use a high gloss super TopSecret high solids / low VOC waterbase finish.
      *An Environmentally Sustainable “Eco Resin” Epoxy wh/ comes from “Pine Tree” sap.
      *Rust proof Stainless steel "anchors" for the straps.
      *Nice & Comfy Stretch Velcro straps. Which Hold the plane to your hand. 


  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Weight 2 lbs
  • Ok, But what size?